Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Sylvania 6SN7 Datasheet. If the page is blank click here Sylvania 6SN7 Datasheet. Interesting Books on Amazon. Latest; Popular; Comments; Tags. 6SN7 is a dual triode vacuum tube with an 8-pin octal base. It provided a medium gain (20). . The Tube Collectors Association · Datasheet on the 6SN7 · RCA Receiving Tube Manual, RC, Harrison NJ, ; RCA receiving Tube Manual, .

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To address this, uprated versions with higher peak voltage and power ratings were introduced. The 6F8G [2] was also an octal-based double triode with essentially the same characteristics as 6sn7 datasheet 6SN7 or two 6J5’sbut in a ‘Coke Bottle’ large Outline ST glass envelope with a different pin arrangement and utilising a top cap connection for the first triode’s grid 6sn7 datasheet pin 1 available for a metal shield.

6SN7GT @ The Valve Museum

The 6SN7 has a 6. The 6SN7 is considered to dataheet obsolete by 6sn7 datasheet s, replaced by the 12AU7and became almost unobtainable.

The 6SN7 was one of the most important components of the first programmable digital computer, the ENIACwhich contained several thousand. The SAGE computer systems 6sn7 datasheet hundreds 6sn7 datasheet s as flip-flops. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat The 6SN7 was 6sn7 datasheet as an audio amplifier in the period, usually in the driver stages of power amps.

As screen sizes became larger, voltage and power headroom became insufficient.

Sylvania 6SN7 Datasheet

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It provided a medium gain All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles containing potentially dated statements from 6sn7 datasheet articles containing potentially dated 6xn7. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and 6sn7 datasheet Policy. With the advent of television the 6SN7 was well suited for use as a vertical-deflection amplifier.

Vacuum tubes Guitar amplification tubes. A small demand for vacuum tubes in guitar amplifiers and very expensive high-fidelity equipment remained; as existing stocks ran 6sn7 datasheet, factories in eastern Europe and China started to manufacture the 6SN7, and higher-gain 6SL7.

The 6SN7 is basically two 6snn7 triodes in one envelope. Retrieved 10 June With the introduction of 6sn7 datasheet electronicsvacuum tubes of all types ceased to be manufactured by the major producers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Other equivalents to the 6J5 include:.

Views Read Edit View history. Although the 6S-series tubes are often metal-cased, there was never a metal-envelope 6sn7 datasheet there being no pin available to connect the metal shield ; there were, however, a few glass-envelope tubes with a metal band, such as the 6SN7A developed during World War II – slightly datadheet 6sn7 datasheet some respects but the metal band was prone to splitting.

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