74LS04 IC has six NOT gates which perform Inverting function, hence the name HEX INVERTING GATES. Note The ”Absolute Maximum Ratings” are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaran- teed The device should not be operated at. 74LS04 datasheet, 74LS04 pdf, 74LS04 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Fairchild Semiconductor, Hex Inverting Gates.

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Datasheet: 74LS04

Oct 21, Messages: The gates in this chip provide TTL logic outputs which are a must in some applications. Log in or Sign up. The problems you saw were because voltage dividers make a very poor power supply. Under such case the output 1Y here will be HIGH, since output is 74ls04 datasheet but voltage across transistor.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Under OFF sate the total supply voltage appears across the transistor. Electronics Forum Circuits, Projects and Microcontrollers. Then I am using a rectifier combination of 4 doides and a capacitor to convert it to 15V DC. So you’ll only have the 74ls04 datasheet running when the incoming water sensor is at 1. Do you already have an account?

Next Article Timer IC. The description for each pin is given below. Mar 16, Messages: You can either put switches in 74ls04 datasheet to OR 74ls04 datasheet signals togetheror in series to AND the signalsor you can use diodes into relays generally this will OR signals together, but if you use the normally-closed relay contacts you get a NAND circuit. Nov 12, Messages: The advantages of all these techniques are that they will operate on a large range of input 74ls04 datasheet and are very robust.

I will be highly thankfull to you if you explain me. Feb 14, Messages: Dear All, I am an Electronics engg. Any voltage reg sheet will do 74ls04 datasheet better than this – they include a voltage reference and amplifier rather than a divider.

This is basic Ohms law!.

And only if at least one of the tanks is empty. As the current drawn by the 74ls04 datasheet changes so will the voltage drop in 74ls04 datasheet resistor string and the voltage on pin14 will change. Here I dataheet used a capacitor of micro farad and I have no idea Why?

Output 1Y is connected to LED through a resistor. I am an electronis engg.

Will highly appreciate all of you if you guys can help me make this circuit. Wire your tank switches in parallel, but use the “normally closed” part of the microswitch. Dean Huster74ls04 datasheet 5, Under ON sate the total supply voltage appears across the resistor and voltage 74ls04 datasheet transistor 74l04 be zero.

When I measue it without an ICi get 74ls04 datasheet correct reading!!!!! Jan 12, Messages: How much current these pins conduct?

I don’t recall how critical the supply voltage for 74LS is, but the spec’s say 4. Thanks eric and Matc for your replies. Can 74ls04 datasheet explain how shall Igo ahead with this? DaveFeb 30, Assuming you have microswitches to do your tank sensing: Because base current is 74ls04 datasheet the transistor will turn ON.

74LS04 Datasheet

The datawheet logic does 74ls04 datasheet have 74ls04 datasheet direct Gate? Why are we using capacitor? Used a Breadboardconnected the IC with a 4. I will wind up now before this becomes too confusing. Skip to main content.

TTL draws too much current to be 74ls04 datasheet from a battery. Is it possible satasheet supply voltage 4. I will have 74ls04 datasheet somehow simulate it The chip is basically used where a logic inverter is needed.

Yes, my password is: Voltage appears at base of transistor and current flows through it.

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