Artículo original / ORIGINAL ARTICLE. La automedicación de antibióticos: un problema de salud pública. Automédication with antibiotics: public health problem. El debate sobre la automedicación. Señor editor: Agradecemos mucho los comentarios del Grupo de Investigación de la Región Sanitaria X, de la Secretaría de. 29 Nov Automedicación Método Introducción Objetivos Clasificación de medicamentos. Hipótesis Automedicación Marco teórico. Factores que.

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Recent research has also revealed that prescription and OTC drug abuse is an emerging trend 12,20 and the use automediczcion medicines in adolescents is being regarded as part of a cluster of risk behaviors. To estimate the prevalence of self-medication in the elderly, to describe the characteristics of self-medication and home medicine cabinets.

Is medicine use in adolescence risk behaviour? The study questionnaire consisted of the following sections: There were no significant gender differences with regard to both these factors.

Vertex ; 18 Constrain automedicaxion simple back and forward steps. Diversas razones fueron expuestas para justificar esta conducta: Int J Adolesc Med Health.

The students had experienced an average of 7. Person who recommended the self-medication 6. Send the link below via email or IM Copy. Conclusions This is the first study to explore the self-medication practices automedlcacion adolescent students in UAE and provides baseline data critical in creating awareness about the risks and benefits of self-medication.

The socio-demographic characteristics of the participating students appear in Table 1. Delete comment or cancel.

Factors associated with medicine use and self medication are different in adolescents. Moreover, differences in accessibility to the public healthcare system between the local Emirati automedicaicon expatriate population may also influence self-medication practices in the latter. Similar to other preventable health-risk behaviors initiated in early adolescence, it has become a cause for concern universally.

Cross-national variation of gender differences in adolescent subjective health in Europe and North America. A list of options was included for sections 4 to 7, following a review of literature indicating the commonly reported issues among self-medicating adolescents. Methods A cross-sectional survey was carried out among a convenience sample of expatriate high school students grades 9 to 12 in four private schools in the UAE, after obtaining Institutional Ethics Committee approval.

The role of the pharmacist in self-care and self-medication. Health complaints and use of medicines among adolescents in Malta. Drugs used in self-medication during the preceding year and the previous two weeks. United Arab Emirates, Registration and Drug Control Dept.

Saúde Pública – El debate sobre la automedicación El debate sobre la automedicación

Medication used by Saudi girls. Patterns of medication use in the immigrant population resident in Spain: Conclusions There is a significant prevalence of self-medication among the elderly. Other studies have likewise identified mothers 3,10 and pharmacists 3,23 as being responsible for advising adolescents.

We acknowledge the limitations of this standardized survey, particularly the self-reported nature of data and the likelihood of mutual influence between students.

The majority were residing in the UAE for more than three years, aged 16 to 17 years with parents having college degrees. The period prevalence rate of self-medication with prescribed and OTC medications were The drugs most used in self-medication were analgesics A small fraction of students J Pharm Pharm Sci. What schoolchildren should be taught about medicines?

Though self-medication is reported to increase with age among Danish 5Kuwaiti 8Saudi adolescents 24 ; more common in German 7Norwegian 9Brazilian 10 females 6 and associated with maternal educational level in Brazil 10no such associations were observed in our study. To explore the consumption of antibiotics without medical prescription in Bogota’s adult population. Strict regulatory strategies should be enforced to limit the import of POM and their sale without prescription.

The authors wish to thank Dr.

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