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Oxford is in really good form and their oposition is weak away. March 21, at 3: As for the so called system itself, I see no evidence in the course of my trials of any skill factor whatsoever and the bare basics of the system depends heavily on Lady Luck and that which has gone before.

Free Greyhound System For Download – Betting Rant | Betting Rant

Exchange and multiple bets excluded. October 2, at 8: And if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer any queries. Odds On favourites 5.

Good luck tractorboy use boytractor on here as tractorboy was not greyhoknd This takes a little longer as you have to keep an eye on the markets a few minutes before the race but it is well worth doing.

The time-line Greyhound system – At The Races – Punters Lounge

Two from each of the two morning cards. December 30, at December 13, at The reason I think this system is so successful is because it relies on nothing special happening, other than what will happen anyway month in month out. The dogs are easy to ‘nobble’ and they bump each other out too often to filetpe it anything like an exact science to me. None are guaranteed to continue to make a profit in the future.


Thank you in advance. I cant get the link to work either would you kindly send me a copy of the pdf please. I can confirm your findings regarding traps 3 and 4. Anyway best of luck with your system. Email to claim within 7 days of settlement.

I have purchased and tested your Lay-zy Dogs system and think it is fantastic. Week Month Year All Time.

Gambling is fiiletype risk, never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. July 19, at 2: And 2 On viletype the winning prices are better. Time Line Right Boytractor, and the two main reasons I favour Dog racing over horseracing are 1 There are always 6 dogs in the race.

Also most of the winners occur between Unlike Horseracing, where you can have anything from 2 to However the vendor gives a clear indication that he is able to sustain his own regular income with profits arising from this system.

That symetrical number is definately a factor. Bonus expires after 30 days.

Join Star Sports New Bookmaker! March 20, at 9: Or it will be my first loser this month. January 11, at 6:

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