Kautilya’s Arthashastra is a book about economics written by Kautilya. The word ( No Suggestions) originates from a primeval Indian dissertation that discussed. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is an excellent treatise on statecraft, economic policy and military strategy. it is said to have been written by Kautilya. In the last book of Kautilya’s Arthashastra, Kautilya had discussed the methodology of composition of Arthashastra. He has enumerated 32 methods of science.

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Dec 02, Nitin Nair rated it liked it Shelves: An exhaustive treatise of politics, diplomacy and war, this proves that the past was neither golden as we think with an assumed nostalgia, nei Arthashastra – a book that I had wanted to read ever since I read ‘The Art of War’ and learnt this to be a similar treatise but on political details. These data are considered against the background of the production of new genres of Sanskrit ritual and legal treatises that canonize and further propagate expertise in those fields.

Published in Gemmology Today November The text dedicates Book 3 and 4 to economic laws, and a court system to oversee and resolve economic, contracts and market-related disputes.

Scholars state that the Arthashastra was influential in Asian history. These Brahmins were provided a revenue free land.

A new edition based on this manuscript was published by Muni Jina Vijay in Kautilya and His ArthashastraLanham: Without government, rises disorder as in the Matsya nyayamud bhavayati proverb on law of fishes. Chanakya, here has dwelt upon the system of running the government which inturn you realize that our system runs on the same line out and out Just a moment while we artjashastra you in to your Goodreads account.

Kangle published a critical edition of the text, based on all the available manuscripts. The periods of absence of tensions between Pakistan and India are likely to be few and far between.

People who are interested in political theory or military strategy might be better of with other works. Shukraniti – A Study from Leadership Perspective. During the same period, an ancient Hindu text the Arthashastra included a recipe Click here to sign up.

It discusses the ethics of economics and the duties and obligations of a king. Mazib Mohammad If arthashasstra can interpret it in the context of kautilyax world, then yes.

But his original contribution was the concept of silent war. The text was influential until the 12th century, when it disappeared. Shamasastrywho published it in The prospect of ,autilyas tensions between Pakistan and India rules out the possibility of our joining the latter in an economic and monetary union.

In the end I’d recommand it to people who are interested in the topics of this work, meaning political theory, statecraft, economics and military theory AND who are also interested in the history of those things and want to see how ancient civilisations handled it.

The Arthashastra then posits its own theory that there are four necessary fields of knowledge, the Vedasthe Anvikshaki philosophy of SamkhyaYoga and Lokayata[note 2] the science of government and the science of economics Varta of agriculture, cattle and trade.

There is little doubt by now that India is pursuing a carefully worked out strategy to establish its hegemony in South Asia and Adthashastra Ocean regions.

Arthashastra – Wikisource, the free online library

The Arthashastra encompasses a world of practical statecraft, not philosophical disputation. The spies should be trained to adopt roles and guises, to use coded language to transmit information, and be rewarded by their performance artashastra the results they achieve, states the text. The Arthashastra is thus ‘the science of politics’ with a significant part dedicated to the science of economics.

Aug 21, Paden rated it really liked it. Butti de Lima, Weber e la riflessione politica degli antichi. Past is a mixed bag. The Arthashastra by Kautilya. Those who lack integrity in financial matters or fall for the lure of money must not be in revenue collection arthashastrz treasury, states the text, and those who lack integrity in sexual relationships must not be appointed to Vihara services pleasure grounds.

Arthashastra of Kautilya

The strengthening of our strategic cooperation with China and improving our friendly relations with Russia should remain the cornerstone of our foreign policy. He does prescribe the conservation of natural resources such as forests and wild animals, which is a very astute remark for 2, years ago. It is, as noted elsewhere, exceedingly wide in scope. Reading ancient books is the best way to rid ourselves of modernist fantasies — except for communication and transport, in the basic institutions, we are still where we were.

Anywhere, states Arthashastra in kautlyas 7. The entire book has about 5, sentences on politics, governance, welfare, economics, protecting key officials and king, gathering intelligence about hostile states, forming strategic alliances, and conduct of war, exclusive of its table of contents and arthasgastra last epilogue-style book. Mar 27, Hadrian added it Shelves: Arthashastrz deals with the most practical subjects of governance and administration, law and order.

I only w Other than providing a perspective on governing a petty kingdom in the Subcontinent between BC and AD, there is hardly anything worthwhile to say about this book. In other domains, India maintains its famed stance of ‘non-alignment’, in keeping with Kautilya’s advocacy of “neutrality” in certain arthwshastra. The highly centralized Kautilyan state was to be regulated by an elaborate arthasjastra intricate system as laid out by Kautilya.

How India sees the world: The Illusion of Governance?

The Arthashastra by Kautilya

Retrieved from ” https: Jan 07, Riku Sayuj rated it it was amazing Shelves: A theoretical contribution of the analysis of Kautilya includes an understanding that even inferior powers can become arthashaetra in international affairs and that the precondition of sustainable leadership is the welfare of all subjects of government. A more detailed secular constitution of governance and daily life cannot be imagined. Sme serious history readers ONLY!

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