The designer and photographer Fernando Pires has completed a photographic series on Sesc Pompéia, one of Lina Bo Bardi’s most. SESC Pompeia is a cultural centre in the east zone of São Paulo, designed by the architect Lina Bo Bardi, and opened in The site is one. El Centro Cultural SESC de Pompéia es una de las más importantes obras de la arquitecta Lina Bo Bardi, con una intensa expresión plástica a.

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This leisure center consists of spaces of the old factory and two volumes five floors with a block of tennis, pool, workshop area, library, living rooms and exhibition, auditorium are distributed, a restaurant and a large solarium. In the pom;eia of the water tower casting burrs, also in mortar lining the interior walls is controlled. We were at the end of a year military dictatorship, which contributed to an architectural mediocrity mirrored in works that barsi outside our own culture and reality.

This idea permeates the concept of free will that distinguishes the work of the architect, as the MASPwith large demonstrations. The new Centre was intended to foster conviviality as an eesc formula for cultural production without needing to use the term.

Lina Bo Bardi: buildings shaped by love

For her, it was not enough to design the physical object of a building, or to act as a solitary artist. In this project Lina Bo Bardi decided to keep most of the complex as it was to preserve the characteristics of the place.

For nine years —86 we developed the project with Lina, working every day in the midst of the building site: And so the programme and the project were merged, entwined, amalgamated. Very sdsc architects realised this better than the Brazilian Lina Bo Bardi, who achieved a rare combination of passion and generosity. We had an office inside the building itself; the project and the programme were formulated as an amalgam, joined and inseparable. Apart from the fact that she was a brilliant and astonishing person, there are plain reasons why she should be popular in economically troubled times.

Topics Architecture The Observer. It was certainly something that seemed beyond the possible universe, unattainable by the hands of contemporary architects. Such statements pompsia often no more than a pious hope, but Bo Bardi meant it. Architecture is better explained in images Follow us on Instagram!

In the concrete walls of the volume that houses the courts of SESC can be read not only marks horizontal formwork tables, but also arrivals beams interior luna and drilling scaffolds: We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality human translations. Lack of communication, in the broadest sense, is a major cause of the misfortunes our cities suffer today.

It was a bomb, a shock. Who can have passed through there without experiencing an emotion, surprise, or sense of discovery — to mention three of the sensations that for me define good and true architecture?

Lina Bo Bardi – SESC Pompéia

It houses football, swimming, theatre, dance and art. You can eat in a popular canteen, and you can sunbathe on a boardwalk called “the beach”.

Everyone feels the respect for the history of human labour, which permeated every design decision. The music shows, circuses, festas juninasmulti-ethnic festivals, memorable exhibitions — or even just meeting up with someone and doing very little, sitting on the public sofas beside the water or the fire… It seems that everything good has happened and continues to happen there.

It was a form of architecture that evaded easy classification. Some craft construction processes were included in the reform of bsrdi factory: Over the years, vegetation has surrounded it, as she knew it would, such that it has become a richer and more beautiful place than when first built. This experience holds a key for those who want to reflect on the role of architecture in pimpeia life: The mosaics of the bathrooms refer to buildings and folk arts, a mirror of water with pebbles permeates the floor of the shed factory.

It is immortalised in Ayn Rand ‘s book The Fountainhead and the subsequent Gary Cooper moviein which the preposterous architect hero blows up a social housing project built to a pompsia version of his designs, rather than let this aesthetic affront stand.

Opting to keep the beautiful barns of the old barrel factory and covering the creek with a wooden deck, building terrain impossibilities are respected and taken to the architect to build in two areas, separated by a trickle.

However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The functions of the old structure would be redesigned and manufacturing technology project become a modern project focused on popular applications like swimming pools, cafeteria, library, exhibition halls, sports facilities, etc. The Brazil in which she worked was never rich and was often politically turbulent. The SESC is a non-governmental organisation linked to a national business federation, created in the s to provide employees with health services and with sporting and cultural activities.

It is open to the effects of time and of chance, as are others of her buildings. The architectural language of the new buildings reinforced the manufacturing and industrial heritage of the complex. Show 25 25 50 All. It achieves things often hoped for, such as the co-existence of high and low culture, chess, football and ballet, of old and young, of ambitious architecture and the everyday. At the invitation of the SESC directors, Lina, already middle-aged, plunged into a journey that would prove to be the most fruitful and prolific of her life.

SESC Pompeia – Concrete Oasis

Born in Italy in and arriving vardi Brazil inBo Bardi was, as well as an architect, a political activist, a designer of furniture and stage sets, an editor and writer and a curator of exhibitions. The moment of architectural perfection, when a building is officially completed, was of little pompeis to her. Much of the design of the SESC Pompeia was defined on the ground, as the architect moved his office to the factory during rehabilitation.

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