Basic Chess Endings – Reuben Fine – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Fine, Reuben – Basic Chess Endings – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. 16 Jun Reuben Fine was one of the strongest chess players in the world from the early s through the s, an International Grandmaster.

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The book is encyclopedic, very well organized and the “errors” that are there are such that basoc you were to master the material in this book you would still be an extraordinary player and able to “fix” the issues that are there.

Basic chess endings – Reuben Fine – Google Books

They say it’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for, it’s also reuben fine basic chess endings stoned and drunk ones apparently. The game followed with my move: Now, Grandmaster Pal Benko has revised this classic with the latest innovations in the endgame and adapted the book to algebraic notation. Endgame expert Pal Benkowhose own copy of the book contained hand-written notes of almost all of the errors, did the revision.

Michael Koehler rated it liked it Aug 05, If I reach a position that looks drawish, or crucial for a win, I can look to see what Fine has to say about the material left endimgs the board.

Paperbackpages. I am a little out of practice right but I know my way around reuben fine basic chess endings board and have been playing for years. He also added some new material based on more recent analysis and added many new examples. But those issues are well documented in many sources and when you are ready for cheds you will be able to find them and supplement your knowledge. Basic Chess Endings 4.

I was once playing chess with a girl, probably one of the smartest people I know and a great chess player, and I said to her, check in four and she said no way. Hundreds of diagrams make examples easy to follow.

So, as Savielly Tartakower said “The winner of the reuben fine basic chess endings is the player who makes the next-to-last mistake. Some GM’s have done that to other reuben fine basic chess endings books and it’s been a disaster. Many of those sub-chapters have sections and subsections.

Prospects and Limits K. Ryan rated it really liked it Feb baeic, The book used the now obsolete descriptive chess notation and used the old system of using the abbreviation “Kt” to stand for knight instead of the more modern “N”. Some errors have been corrected but many remain.

References to this book Toward a General Theory of Expertise: Mar 02, Jacob added it. Still, I hope that in the XXI century someone like, for instance, GM Karsten Mueller will clean this classical masterpiece from all the analytical errors so that I can put this title back on the list of “must-read-books”.

Of course, to reach that point cchess not easy and for all but the few who are seemingly born reuben fine basic chess endings prodigies, you have to learn.

Basic Chess Endings

However, with a work of this magnitude, especially in the days before computers, it was inevitable that many improvements in the analysis would be been found, some even overturning the evaluation of positions. Copies of the book are owned by many generations of chess players around the world. These days, when I need a book with very well written general explanations and When I was young and there were not reuben fine basic chess endings books available about the endgame, this book was a must read.

However, some analysis remains incorrect in the new edition, so I have decided to continue to maintain this page. The edition of Basic Chess Endings. An indispensable reuven for every chess player.

He made many corrections, but a few errors remain. That’s the beauty of a endingw game of chess. Mine is see my cover on the blog heading before the newer reuben fine basic chess endings notation versions were published. An page booklet containing over corrections was published by Samuel Louie in and This is very much a major part of the pathway to Chess-Master.

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