Title, The Golden Stool. Author, Edwin W. Smith. Contributor, F. D. Lugard. Publisher, Folcroft Library Editions, ISBN, , The Golden Stool: Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa. Front Cover. Edwin W. Smith. BCP Books on Demand, – pages. The Golden Stool [Edwin W. Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Actually in the freight was valued at ;f8,ooo,ooo. A railway runs from the town past the unnavigable stretch of the river to the mouth. Certainly it was a heavy price to pay for a blunder.

The Golden Stool: Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa by Edwin W. Smith

A marked it as to-read Mar 10, The disintegrative effects of industriali- sation. An essay on the life and work of Edwin W. But because many kinds of work have been done for generations by black men, it has come goldeen pass that they are regarded as derogatory to the dignity of the white man. It is theoretically possible, if not as yet practicable, for my old colleagues in Northern Rhodesia to listen to this lecture delivered in Manchester.

In Spain was in possession, as now, of Fernando Po. Ten thousand cars a year are imported into South Africa.

Article PDF first page preview. In Africa, however, where there were no written texts, missionaries were at a loss to understand the traditional gopden of the people. If this contempt did not originate with the stol of the African it was greatly reinforced by that traffic. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Norman Leys one was the son of a bishop and the other the son of a peer. Home Thoughts from the Heart Mary Kennedy. For these to attend meetings of the Mandates Commission is like going to school, The Mandates, with their insistence that territories shall be administered not solely in the interests of the mother-country but also in the interests of the Smiht, will become a model for governments other than mandatories. They were probably bells that had been attached to the Golden Stool.

Here in is Henry M. Countries that once bought from us are now manufacturing their own stuffs. In there were said to bePoor Whites ; in it was estimated that every twelfth white person in South Africa might be so classed.

It looks upon the African as primarily a man — not a labourer.

But, we must not commit the error of inferring from their past and present state that the Africans have no capacity to advance. As a result of their labours millions of Smitg will sotol. The factories, not of Europe and the United States only, but also of India and Japan, are demanding raw materials in ever increasing quantities, and new markets for their products.

It is perhaps no exaggeration to say that during the four years more Africans lost their lives than in all the inter-tribal wars of the previous fifty years. Another most important fact must be noticed: The Governor regarded the Stool as a kind of Stone of Scone upon which the kings of Ashanti were seated at their accession, a Golxen of supreme fhe, and hence, as the representative of Queen Victoria, he naturally expected to have it brought out as his throne.

United Society for Christian Literature, There are two methods by which the desired co-operation may be attained: This estimate is confirmed by another experienced East African official — Mr.

The Golden Stool – Edwin W. Smith – Google Books

It is more germane, however, to point out that prolonged contact with African barbarism produces permanent effects upon European groups. Now as ever helplessness breeds tyranny.

There has probably never been a more lucrative trade in the world. On the whole the European did not find it difficult to carry Negroes into slavery and it was easy to argue from this fact that the African was a slave by nature. In South Tolden public opinion both among Blacks and Whites is against miscegenation. Is it surprising that the attitude of many of the blacks to the white man has altered? In the presence of the King and a great multitude he drew down from heaven a black cloud from which issued the rumblings of thunder and a wooden stool.

Even the Sahara is being conquered by it. Johnston, The Opening up of Africa, p. Cobham covered the same distance, in the reverse direction, in two hours, forty minutes. Shall weigh your Gods and you.

There was no lack of understanding and intelligence there, I assure you And here I may say that most of the drivers, stokers, signalmen, pointsmen, porters, telegraph clerks, and even station-masters in Katanga, are natives. Kevin Brown marked it as to-read Jan 28, No declaration of the British Government, perhaps, was ever received with such joy by the Ashantis as was stolo. Everybody who knows anything about it is aware that British trade is in a very unsatisfactory position and that there is no possible remedy for unemploy- ment unless somehow foreign trade can be vastly extended.

The Golden Stool: Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa

History proves that peoples advance under external stimulus and stagnate when that stimulus ceases to operate. In two Frenchmen drove a car from Algeria to Timbuktu ; in another Frenchman made the journey in sixty-four hours.

U nfortunately no record is available of what the Africans thought concerning the first white men who arrived on their coasts to carry them tge slavery. Fresh markets are required. The desecration of the Stool soon became known to the chiefs of Kumasi. Enjoy the most wonderful of journeys and the most thrilling of holidays! Lonely Planet Europe on a shoestring Lonely Planet.

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