20 Nov Have a look at the video: Looks familiar? That’s what this site is all about – We try to cover problems that matter in a fun and visual way. Simiocracia / Apeocracy: Cronica De La Gran Resaca Economica / Chronicle of the Great Economic Backwash (Spanish Edition). Apr 12, by Aleix Salo. Aleix Saló. They say that even José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, towards the end of his term as Spanish prime minister, went onto YouTube to see Españistán.

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After years of basing economy on land and real state speculation, the bubble exploded. I think he deserves a whole post for himself, so I’ll keep you with the mystery of who this person aleix salo I am your future pension.

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Aleix Saló; Simiocracia | PDF Flipbook

We have not got aleix salo the point of needing economical rescue, but we have the highest aleix salo rate in Europe and the end of the tunnel is still far away. Your shit salary is there. I was at home, working. There are quite a few cultural references in the video marked with a number after aleix salo words which appear in the subtitles. In those early years, he combined alekx comic strips with an architecture degree.

As you all know, Spain and thus Catalonia is aleix salo of the EU countries which is most affected by the crisis, together with Portugal, Ireland and Greece. And if you have ideas wleix change what was the disastrous basis of the Spanish economy and save the country, prepare a campaign and become a presidential canditate alejx just kidding.

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Aleix salo if you know a bit of Catalan or Spanish, don’t miss him! Usted consiente expresamente en sali tratamiento de sus datos para la finalidad indicada.

You expressly consent to the processing of your data for the purpose indicated above. The two main aleix salo parties are devoted to criticise each other without even venture proper measures to leave the crisis behind.

Aleix Saló; Simiocracia

All I do is research and make comic strips aleix salo the economic situation. However, as he says, he had a stroke of luck and won the Carnet Jove comic strip competition, which alei aleix salo to publish his first book and devote himself exclusively to drawing. But why Spain has reached this dramatical situation?

It became an internet hit that positioned him as one of the great aleix salo players in the world of comic-strips and illustration in Catalonia. I had no idea it was that bad though I aleix salo the video you posted.

Sal just want things to get better.

Comic Aleix Saló, Euro pesadilla en | Tximino Art | Pinterest | Euro

So simple yet so complex. Chronicle of aleix salo Big Economic Hangoverpublished by Debolsillo. Spain is different, they say. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Please refer to Youtube for a full explanation.

I’ve always wondered what was wrong with Spain’s economic situation but I never really aleix salo time to read up about it and sslo I know why the country is in the situation that it is in. What do you think should be done to remedy the situation? aleix salo

Comentaris del aleix salo Atom. Les seves dades no seran cedides a tercers. Publica un comentari a l’entrada. By now, just get a taste of his sharp humour aleix salo watching sxlo video English subtitles.

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Cartoon demonstrates stereotypes between western regions

Whilst countries like Germany is overcoming crisis with efficient policies, in Aleix salo problems keep growing. Is he the preferred illustrator of the Indignant movement?

However, this young artist only sees this success as the starting point for many projects he wants to do in the future:

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