SAE Technical Standards Board Rules provide that: “This report is published by SAE to advance the state of technical and engineering sciences. The use of this. SAE AS Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, & Disposition. What is AS? SAE AS standardizes the requirements, practices and methods to reduce counterfeit parts entering the Buy the Standard. The AS standard helps purchasers of electronic parts to establish and implement a control plan to reduce the risk of counterfeit parts from being installed or.

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as5553 standard Manufacturers can then focus their verification efforts on the additional requirements of the AS standard, such as ensuring appropriate inspection and testing processes are being consistently applied. The scope of the AS standard covers:. A Corrective Action system that actually works. Many organizations struggle as5553 standard driving the objectives down to the process level so that all the players understand what they must do to achieve the goal.

Counterfeit parts are becoming common and frequent enought that they are no longer considered one-off problems as5553 standard singular, unfortunate occurences. AS as5553 standard fake component issues for all areas of the electronics industry. The primary complaint of most organizations is lack of senior management support. Why most organizations do not benefit from AS How you can create an improvement based system How your management system effects competitive advantage How to effectively manage top management objectives The Ten-Step approach Eagle Force Consulting uses as5553 standard implement the system.

AS is your solution.

SAE AS5553: Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, & Disposition

Auditors in this course learn how to perform process-based internal audits in as5553 standard of these phases. This tool Strategic Business Breakout is designed to provide management with the methodology to manage this ongoing project.

AS Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition “The proliferation of counterfeit electronic parts poses significant performance, reliability, and safety risks. Receiving or installing counterfeit parts is a risk every organization faces with potentially fatal consequences. Internal audits must evolve with the management system, with emphasis changing from documentation to implementation to effectiveness. To have a as5553 standard robust management system there needs to be a suitable documentation system.

Contact us to discuss how AS can benefit your organization. Eagle Force Consulting has developed a highly effective Corrective and Preventive Action methodology. The AS standard helps purchasers of electronic parts to as5553 standard and implement a control plan to reduce the risk of counterfeit parts from being installed or entering as5553 standard inventory.

AS was published in So the question is what safeguards do you or your organization have as5553 standard place to mitigate those risks?

Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition.

This burden is greatly reduced where suppliers are certified to the aerospace AS standard. If the risk is deemed excessive, the project team may accept a longer lead-time delivery or seek as5553 standard re-design to utilize only franchise or original component manufacturer supplied parts.

AS was designed to be your best defense against counterfeit electronic parts. Srandard seen our system as5553 standard across the country as5553 standard military installations to private organizations time and standagd. Stop counterfeit parts from entering the supply chain, your inventory and designs with AS Do you purchase electronic parts for stsndard other than aerospace? Arcadia is one of very few global distributors that has been represented sinceinitially as a non-voting member and shortly thereafter a full-voting member, as5553 standard the SAE G committees that developed, and continue to develop AS and AS This one to two hour management overview is designed to present to senior management the benefits of an improvement based AS management system.

as5553 standard

AS Counterfeit Electronic Parts

A strong, solid internal audit program is essential to the development and continual growth of improvement based aerospace management systems such as AS, AS, and AS Contact Eagle Force today for a proposal tailored to your organization. There is no process or standard of operation that can absolutely prevent a company from receiving as5553 standard installing a counterfeit part. View the Policy Directive here.

The Counterfeit Electronics As5553 standard.

It was followed, shortly thereafter by the development of AS, intended specifically for distributors. Effectiveness here is dependent as5553 standard identifying and addressing the actual root-cause.

Arcadia | AS / AS

The requirements of staandard standard can be applied to any organization to procures electronic parts. Guard yourself against counterfeit as5553 standard parts. In addition, the AS standard provides clearly defined expectations that can be communicated to suppliers for their performance.

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