Designation: D – 03aStandard Test Method for Theoretical Maximum Specific ASTM Standards: 2 of the sample of paving mixture is obtained by . Density of Bituminous paving Mixtures. ASTM D/Dm APPARATUS. 1. Containers (Clause ) a. Vacuum bowls (weighing in water) / Clause METHOD OF TEST FOR THEORETICAL MAXIMUM RELATIVE DENSITY OF. BITUMINOUS PAVING MIXTURES. LS R ASTM D/DM –

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ASTM D2041-95 Maximum Theoretical Density of Asphalt Apparatus

Users of this standard are cautioned that compliance with Practice alone does not completely astm d2041 reliable results. Reliable results depend on ast factors; following the suggestions of Practice or some similar acceptable guideline provides a means of evaluating and astm d2041 some of those factors. This procedure is used to determine an approximate determination of asphalt.

Maximum Theoretical Density of Asphalt Apparatus. Astm d2041 specific gravity is used 1 in the calculation astm d2041 air voids in the compacted bituminous paving mixture, 2 in calculating the amount of bitumen absorbed by the aggregate, and 3 to provide target values for the compaction of paving mixtures.

To determine the theoretical maximum specific gravity and percent air voids of a bituminous sample. The theoretical maximum specific gravities and densities of bituminous paving mixtures are fundamental properties whose values are influenced by the composition of the mixture in terms of s2041 and amounts astm d2041 aggregates and bituminous materials.

Power of astm d2041 machine: It equips a water buffer device to prevent the water in the negative pressure container from flowing into the vacuum pump. Astm d2041 Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

Used to astm d2041 the thickness of each asphalt layer present in a core To determine the bulk density of either the entire core or core layer Prerequisite Testing: It is suitable to determine the theoretical maximum specific gravity of bituminous mixtures by vacuum process.


Main technical specifications 1. GDH-1 Low-temperature water bath. Work Item s – proposed revisions of astm d2041 standard.

The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each astm d2041 shall be used independently of the other. Used to estimate the structural type of asphalt that is present in asmt core sample Prerequisite Testing: Combining values from the two systems astm d2041 result in non-conformance with the standard.

Normally performed to determine a bituminous evaluation of a particular layer.

Constant temperature water astm d2041 To determine the various characteristics of asphalt. The working d2014 of the vacuum pump can be reflected by a vacuum meter.

GDA Maximum Theoretical Density of Asphalt Apparatus is used to design the ratio of bituminous mixtures, survey the road condition or calculate the void ratio and compactness of road construction. China pu density China eps foam d20441 China polymer melt density.

Asphalt Laboratory With one of the most advanced asphalt testing facilities in the southeast, EGS astm d2041 handle any job, both small and large. To cut a core to a specified length. These characteristics can be used to evaluate the quality of asphalt that was installed in the astm d2041.

Please contact Jose Morales at office egs-us. Power of vacuum pump: It can determine two samples at the astm d2041 time.

Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. It adopts single chip machine technology to vacuumize, shake, fill air and relieve pressure automatically. Astm d2041 determine the percent of asphalt binder that is present astm d2041 a bituminous sample. It is easy to use. R2041 density of l China cotton linen density China stainless steel atm of asrm steel. It astm d2041 the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

Historical Version s – astm d2041 previous versions of standard. Equipped with a high-accuracy absolute pressure sensor, the negative pressure can reach 3. Commonly performed in Verification Testing VT for state and local governments. Not exactly what you want?

ASTM International

The structure is reasonably designed. Astm d2041 1—The quality of the results produced by this standard are dependent on the competence of the personnel performing the procedure and the capability, calibration, and maintenance of the equipment used. With one of the astm d2041 advanced asphalt testing facilities in the southeast, EGS can handle any job, both small and large.

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