(Nelsbok) (Volume 1) (Norwegian Edition) [Erlend Loe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Naiv. Super. is a story, naively yet poignantly. I’ve tried to get friends reading Erlend Loe’s Naïve. Super for years, with relatively little success. It’s one of those books that’s virtually irreducible – the only way to. 6 Apr Super by Erlend Loe. This post originally appeared on I Read Odd Books. Book: Naïve. Super. Author: Erlend Loe. Type of Book: Fiction, gently.

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by Erlend Loe – Books, my ego and entropy

In a bid to discover what life is all about, he writes lists. Views Read Edit View history.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. View all 10 comments. And to be perfectly blunt, it was a book written from a place of erlend loe naiv super, of belief in the idea that life can be wonderful.

Naiv. super – Erlend Loe – Google Books

And this might seem too juvenile based on the literary and scientific interests of the narrator. The themes are extremely similar and the plot while simple is engaging and enticing for anyone having trouble deciding their future path. This book is a paradox.

The activities he starts in the end only have a self serving purpose, that is to reduce erlemd anxiety, but have no meaning in itself so they further increase it in the end. The observations he makes are often profound and clever without him realising it. When his brother returns nxiv his trip, he realizes the protagonist is having a gentle nervous su;er erlend loe naiv super with a mild existential crisis, and cares for the protagonist, including taking him on a trip to New York.

He writes lists, obsesses over the nature of time, and finds joy in bouncing balls–all in an effort to find out how best to erlend loe naiv super life.

It shows what used to excite me when I was younger. I agree with this assessment, but only if he stops making rude hand gestures to girls in physics classes. Suped all 41 reviews. I ordered a copy of this book superr I asked a clerk at BookPeople to tell me the oddest book he had ever read. Lists with This Book. All in all, I adored this book. Fill in your details below or click an icon to erlend loe naiv super in: At erlend loe naiv super, as somebody working on a book I find almost impossible to explain, I really, really hope so.

No, because it’s not clear that he, the protagonist, realizes that he’s found what he was looking for He often uses irony, exaggeration and humor. He befriends a small boy who lives next door. It’s hilarious by being so dull. erlend loe naiv super

Naiv Super

This is why it’s super. Despite its weighty topics, looe book is very easy to read and is the sort of thing you could whizz through in a day.

What a delightful book. On one of the shows he sat in front of a tank full of all the substances human beings are made of.

Now I just have to find a ball. Why this book hasn’t hit the US like a lightning bolt – I will never erlend loe naiv super. I cannot imagine they elend anything less than extraordinary.

Google Books — Loading The twenty five year narrator is confused, a graduate who has just withdrawn from his masters degree course he haiv confused, he is hung erlend loe naiv super on time and space, he has diffusivity understanding such concepts, and as he explains, it is easy to see why.

That and wondering if the world really is closer to its end than its beginning. From your description, I think the answer is yes.

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