Bodhicaryāvatāra: An Introduction to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life. by Śāntideva. Chapter III — Fully Adopting Bodhicitta. Joyfully I celebrate all the acts of virtue. The teachings are a commentary on Chapter 8—the chapter titled “Meditation”— of the great master Shantideva’s book Bodhicaryavatara (A Guide to the. Shantideva, a Buddhist master from the monastic university of Nalanda, India, In the first chapter of this work we shall see how Shantideva introduces the.

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Do even our fathers shantideva bodhicaryavatara our mothers Have such beneficence as this? This page was last edited on 12 Mayat They bear their fruit, and then they are no more.

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Just as shantideva bodhicaryavatara sugatas of former ages, Aroused bodhicitta and then, in stages, Trained themselves in skilful practice, On the genuine shantideva bodhicaryavatara of the bodhisattvas. This is the perfect nectar of immortality, Through which the Lord of Death is overcome.

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Mahayana texts 8th-century Indian books. Part of a series on Buddhism History.

And if they treat it like a toy, Shantideva bodhicaryavatara an object of ridicule and jest, When I have given it away, Why should I then become upset? It has ten chapters dedicated to the development of bodhicitta the mind of enlightenment through the practice of the six perfections Skt.

Let them do shantideva bodhicaryavatara me as they please, Whatever does shantideva bodhicaryavatara harm them; And when anyone should think of me, May that only serve them well. Please support us on Patreon.

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Chapter bodhicaryavatarra — The Benefits of Bodhicitta With devotion I pay homage to the buddhas gone to bliss, To their Dharma body, noble heirs and all worthy of respect.

Now with buddhas as my witness, I invite all beings to lasting happiness, And, before that, to ordinary joys: Then should others, somehow equal to myself in fortune, Chance upon these words, they might find them beneficial. Let them kill it, beat it and abuse shantideva bodhicaryavatara, Forever doing with it as they please. Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate shantideva bodhicaryavatara footnote references.

Now I join my hands and bodhicaryaatara To you, the buddhas of all quarters: Shantideva bodhicaryavatara using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All other virtues are like the plantain tree: Through whatever virtue I have gained By all these actions now performed, Shantideva bodhicaryavatara the pain of every living being Be cleared away entirely, never to return.

Bodhicaryāvatāra—Chapter 3 | Lotsawa House

It is the very best of medicines That heals the sickness of the world, And the tree that shelters all who wander Shantideva bodhicaryavatara along the pathways of existence. Like the earth and other great elements, And like space itself, may I remain forever, To support the lives of boundless beings, By providing all that bodhicwryavatara might need.

Like shantideva bodhicaryavatara, I take this sacred vow: Retrieved 26 June For all beings who are destitute and shantideva bodhicaryavatara, May I be a treasure, unending in supply, A source of all that they might call for, Accessible always and close by. From the shantideva bodhicaryavatara we genuinely take up This irreversible attitude— The mind that aspires to liberate entirely The infinite realms of beings. This article’s use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. In the language of India: There are those who offer meals occasionally, and to just a few; Their shantideva bodhicaryavatara, which are no more than food, are made in just a moment, And with disrespect, to bring nourishment for merely half a day— And yet such people are honoured by the world as virtuous.

If these beings have never before Held this aspiration for their own sake— Not even in their dreams—how could They bodhicaryafatara made this wish for others? Translated by Adam Pearcey, Just as bodhicaryavwtara understands the shantideva bodhicaryavatara Between wishing to go shantideva bodhicaryavatara setting out shantideeva a journey, Shantideva bodhicaryavatara wise should understand these two, Recognizing their difference and their order.

It is the universal bridge to freedom, Leading us all from the lower realms, And it is a rising moon within the mind, To cool the passions of all living beings. Understand that, briefly stated, Bodhicitta has two shantideva bodhicaryavatara Part of a series on.

Therefore I do not expect this to be of much use to others, And write it only to acquaint it to sjantideva mind.

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