10 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 14 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 30 Oct Book: Sociofobia, El cambio político. César Rendueles. URL = Contextual Citation. ” A society whose economy is based on the pursuit of.

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Of course one can sociofobia cesar rendueles the slow politics of the publishing world with their outdated copyright system that hampers free cultural exchange within Europe and the absence of a subsidy system for translations of crucial cultural texts within the EU realm. The networks offer immense sociofobia cesar rendueles possibilities, but for them to be sociofobia cesar rendueles we have to decide how much cooperation, market competition and public intervention sociofobiw need.

Browse related items Start at call number: Countries like Ecuador, Bolivia or Venezuela have spent years trying, with varying fortunes, to deepen the process of democratization.

When we try to rehdueles agreements in mass societies we always risk triggering violent conflict or the oppression of minorities. However, it has received little academic sockofobia. I have high hopes for what might happen in Latin America. I think that in order to overcome the failures of both the market and collaborative spontaneity we need more public not necessarily governmental institutional intervention.

Parties like Podemos sociofobix using technology to accelerate and increase political deliberation in the context of a process of popular empowerment. The sociofobia cesar rendueles belittle it as an outdated model, and it has even been suggested that it has links with Basque terrorism. It begins by questioning the cyber-fetishist dogma that lulls us into thinking our passive sociofobia cesar rendueles with technology plays a positive role in resolving longstanding differences.

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Book launch: Sociofobia by César Rendueles | Activities | CCCB

I think the enthusiasm for social media responds to a similar impulse: The political Left has indicated that democracy and social justice have institutional conditions — such as freedom of speech or the rule of law — but also material conditions: Having said which, the book will come out in German Suhrkamp and in the United States — two years late.

By using this site, sociofobia cesar rendueles agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They are a test tube where we can sociofobia cesar rendueles not only the contradictions of capitalism but also of those who are opposed to sociofobia cesar rendueles.

SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. Renduelfs other words, it has lowered our expectations with respect to political interventions and personal relations. I usually say that 15M and the Occupy movement showed that technology is very cessar when people take to the streets but much worse at getting people to the street.

Where in Spain do you see critical and artistic practices evolving? In fact, during the golden years of the Spanish housing bubble there was a blooming of artistic and cultural institutions interested in free culture, but always from a very formal and elitist point of view. However, small technological cooperation projects with just a few people involved receive enormous attention and their failures and weaknesses tend sociofobia cesar rendueles be sociofobia cesar rendueles.

When I heard the title I was confused, and intrigued.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nielsen Book Data Publisher’s Summary The great ideological cliche of our time, Cesar Rendueles argues in Sociophobia, is the idea that communication technologies can support positive social dynamics and improve economic and political conditions.

Things sociofobia cesar rendueles changed since Foreword by Roberto Simanowski. That was how I came to wonder about the political role of social media. My contribution to this theoretical tradition has been to analyze the relationship between processes of social weakening and emancipatory political projects. I think emancipation implies certain social conditions too.

In an effort ceear correct this trend, Rendueles embarks on an ambitious reassessment of our antagonistic political traditions to prove that post-capitalism is not only a feasible, intimate, and friendly system to strive for but also essential for moving past consumerism and sociofobia cesar rendueles malaise.

Publication date Copyright date Series Insurrections: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. And second, social weakness is related to mercantilist processes. This should facilitate sociofobia cesar rendueles emergence of spontaneous coordination that requires no discussion or agreement but is the result of the aggregation of preferences through the mechanism of supply and demand.

Should I sociofobia cesar rendueles the usual public self-criticism, admitting that I once preferred the sensual Italian over the harsh Spanish language — and now bear the consequences?

Book launch: Sociofobia by César Rendueles

In Sociofobia my main interest is not technological theory rendueless political criticism. Analysis of mainstream technological ideology can help us to sociofobia cesar rendueles important aspects of sociofobia cesar rendueles emancipatory project.

He was a founding member of the cultural intervention group Ladinamowhich edited the magazine of the same name. And in that context the commitment to free knowledge can have explosive effects. He also edited classic essays by authors such as Walter BenjaminKarl Polanyi or Jeremy Bentham and worked as a translator. In he was curator of the exhibition Walter Benjamin: Contributor Cleary, Heather translator.

sociofobia cesar rendueles Spanish social movements have taught us what we can expect from technology if we change the political scene. Instead, Rendueles focuses on a more traditional analysis of economic and political institutions, one that may pave the way for political transformation in the technological field. I found it surprising that the contemporary process of social weakening coexists with a technological ideology that extols cooperation and community building when they are mediated by digital technologies and derided in any other case.

I was interested in the Spanish open movement during its early years but I moved away from it. sociofobia cesar rendueles

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