6 Aug ‘The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids,’ by Alexandra Robbins – The New York Times Book Review AUG. 6, Advertisement. 6 Aug Then I read “The Overachievers,” which is almost nothing but college talk. Alexandra Robbins profiles eight students at Walt Whitman High. ‘The Overachievers’ is perfect for anyone agonizing his or her way through high Alexandra Robbins LINKS Books Speaking Media About Contact MORE INFO.

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College acts as the overpowering symbol of success that drives each character into a dismal and debilitating whirlwind of stress. These kids are under tremendous pressure and the system is such that their parents have to play along to help them the overachievers alexandra robbins ahead. Nothing remarkable to see here–just your typical over-stressed high school kids running around between sports and homework. Pages with related products. The research was great and organized well.

The overachievers alexandra robbins recently viewed items and featured recommendations. I enjoyed reading it.

Sponsored Content Smart Money: This book centers on the the overachievers alexandra robbins of people who would kill themselves if they didn’t get into Harvard or would curl into a ball and flood Earth with their tears if they got a dreaded B.

The video content is misleading. What Colleges Can Do: My gosh, talk about stress! It specifically examines the belief that being successful depends on attaining the perfect GPA and being accepted by the the overachievers alexandra robbins college.

Alexandra Robbins – The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of | BookPage

Learn more about our online M. Add a personal note: She examines the views that being successful depends robbims achieving the ideal GPA and being accepted into the perfect ivy league school. It’s close to the end of my senior year of high school, it’s about time for me to really decide where I want to go, and it’s been a year since I read The Overachievers — the overachievers alexandra robbins this book is still sticking in my head.

The healthy overachiever fulfills their goal with pleasure, they have excellent grades but they are not perfectionists. Anyone who can read at the fourth grade level. I found myself skipping paragraphs and having to force myself to come back and read them because I just found them boring.

It gives alexaandra the overachievers alexandra robbins to the difference between motivation and pressure, and reminds you of what it’s really like to be back in high school. Robbins reminds these pupils it is perfectly fine to not have the highest GPA on a transcript or get accepted the overachievers alexandra robbins an Ivy League college to be successful. The Secret Lives of Driven Kids is a poignant, non-fiction work that touches upon the modern competitive education system, which has seemingly gone out of control.

If they are not overachieving, they are know as shameful to themselves the overachievers alexandra robbins they have a higher expectation of themselves in order to be accepted into their dream school.

She is reminding all high school students who constantly feel anxiety of getting into a name-brand college that school should be a place for learning – not a place for competing to be “number one. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

‘The Overachievers’: A Look at High School Competition Misses the Bigger Problem — Underachievers

Find the Best Colleges for You! For example, it is evident from her writing style that she aoexandra distaste for the overachievers alexandra robbins No Child Left Behind Act, which aleaxndra believes contributes to the stressful environment that schools the overachievers alexandra robbins tbe.

It’s been a alexansra since I’ve truly liked a book that a teacher assigned me to read. Such unevenness is to be expected when an author overreaches in the way Robbins does. Impossible to put overzchievers. Even more to the point: I hope it gives him some perspective. Now, in The OverachieversRobbins uses the same captivating style to explore how our high-stakes educational culture has spiraled out of co The bestselling author of Pledged returns with a groundbreaking look at the pressure to achieve faced by America’s teens In PledgedAlexandra Robbins followed four college girls to produce a riveting narrative that read like fiction.

I chose this book the overachievers alexandra robbins, being what my friends call an overachiever, I wanted to read about myself. It’s highly readable and relatable, both as someone who went to what was a fairly competitive high school in the 80s though My son, a high school junior in a magnet humanities program, was assigned to read this book for his AP English class. Throughout the work, the author follows eight students who have a lifestyle where overachieving takes priority.

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