The Portable Atheist has ratings and reviews. Paul said: THE UNAPPEALING ATHEIST PROPOSITIONOne early medieval story says that humans. 6 Nov Christopher Hitchens’s personally curated New York Times bestselling anthology of the most influential and important writings on atheism. 5 Nov The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever. Christopher Hitchens, Selected by Da Capo Press $ (p) ISBN.

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Page 41 David Hume The gazing populace, receive greedily, without examination, whatever soothes superstition, and promotes wonder. I decided the book I sought out this book because the bits of writing I’d seen in the past by Christopher Hitchens were extremely insightful and articulate, and to honor his the portable atheist essential readings for the non-believer passing away I rwadings it was tye to read one of his works.

While he was once identified with the Anglo-American radical political left, near the end of his life he embraced some arguably right-wing causes, most notably the Iraq War.

The worst part of this book lies in the fact that it seems to be a money-grab by Hitchens.

By the way, that was a classic example of “hand-selling” that is lost in superstores. Page The resilience of the end-time forecasts — time and again, for five hundred years, the date is proclaimed, nothing happens, and no one feels discouraged from setting another date.

The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever

In an inciting anthology of atheist and agnostic thought, going back to the early GreeksHitchens writes briefly about the selected essays of past and present philosophers, scientists, and other thinkers such as LucretiusBenedict de SpinozaCharles DarwinKarl MarxThe portable atheist essential readings for the non-believer TwainGeorge EliotBertrand RussellEmma GoldmanH.

Why can He not reveal himself to the masses during the final game of the World Cup To lump all together is to disregard and evade dealing with the strength of argument for a particular religion.

The Portable Atheist will speak to you and engage you every step of the way. All in all, the collection is effective and thought provoking, and variant enough that, except for a drop-off in quality towards the end, it doesn’t get boring or repetitive. Supernatural births of gods. Hitchens wrote introductions to each article he compiled for the book.

All beliefs aside, the selections in this book are powerfully argued and well written. The clearly stated position of an agnostic. And of the portable atheist essential readings for the non-believer there is sex. See 1 question about The Portable Atheist…. Hitchens takes liberty in introducing us to each contributing piece in this provocative and entertaining guided tour o The Portable Atheist is an astounding ‘tour de force’ of critical writer’s critique of Religion, citing the diverse religious arguments in detail.

The Portable Atheist – Wikipedia

Dec 20, Jake rated it liked it. Great reading, instructive, and, most portabble all, provides hope that clear thinking might just have a chance. Does Kuhn not understand that what has happened today is an abomination, which no propitiatory prayer, no pardon no expiation by the guilty, which nothing at all in the power of man can ever clean again?

Page Elizabeth Anderson Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-O, and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have. Essential Readings for the The portable atheist essential readings for the non-believer 4.

Always one of the best when it comes to collecting eloquent and humorous short quotes 6 Russell: Healthy debate is part of that decision non-believdr, which is why I liked reading this book. What strikes me as hilarious, none of the philosophical arguments consist in any empirical proof whatsoever.

Hitchens was surely a great person with his sheer witty erudite personality. While that longer essay is a bit of a period piece not up to the standard of most of Hitchens writing, his shorter intros are delightful.

Table of Contents for: The portable atheist : essential reading

MenckenSam Harris One does get a history of atheism, and how, even to this day, it is difficult to acknowledge or admit that one is an atheist. This book provided me the best understanding of why the concept of an afterlife diminishes our one and only hte life.

So many gods so little reason.

For example, in the George Elliot entry, the author s sort of pick at the person and work of Rev. His righteous anger turned him into an enraged and senseless animal. The recurring theme of dismissing superstitions and myths.

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